Tutor and Teacher

We’re always teaching, I think. So, as I move forward toward a life in academia (hopefully), I have been working to gain some experience in the classroom. In my final year at Eastern Michigan University, I was a teaching assistant for Dr. Elisabeth D√§umer in her Literature 490 class. In that role, I helped to craft the syllabus, I lectured some, and I took part in deciding classroom goals.

Over this past summer, I worked as a tutor. I worked mainly with elementary and middle school students, helping them with comprehension, writing skills, and math (a skill I’m better at than I admit … though I’ll never admit that).

Right now, I am signed up to be a substitute teacher for the current school year. I’m hoping my varied experience in teaching-type positions will be helpful to me as I move forward in my education.

Teaching, to me, is what I want to do as my occupation, but writing will always be my vocation, and web design I’ll keep in my back pocket for rainy days and as a classroom and writing tool.

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