Adam Nannini as Musician

Some basics. I’m not terribly naturally skilled at music, but I try. I play guitar and I sing. I can play bass and drums, a little piano, and when I was eight or nine years old I played trumpet. I was never very good at it.

The really bad what? I have always been interested in music, but I got my first guitar when I was seventeen. Of course, I immediately started a band with my friends called The Really Bad British Accents. We got the name because we were getting set to do a show, and we didn’t have a name yet, but when practice would break down, we’d all start quoting Monty Python in (you guessed it) really bad British accents.

Adam Nannini as Musician 2

I’ve always enjoyed blues and folk, so we did a lot of that in our band. We referred to our style as Folk & Roll. I was in RBBA (as it shall henceforth be referred to) for a long time, but after our second album, Natural Man, we broke up.

After that? After that, I’ve been in two bands. The first was a cover band called The Benmonts, named after Tom Petty’s piano player, Benmont Tench. Cool name, eh? Sadly, no one could pronounce our name right. People always thought we were the Belmonts. One drunk guy, who seemed to struggle with hearing, kept asking us, “Benmouth?!” Irritating. It was a fun band, but eventually, as all things must do, it passed. So sad.

Finally, right now, I am in a band called The Anthill Men, from Ray Bradbury’s quote, “We are anthill men upon an anthill world.”

So, yes. That’s my music history in a nutshell.

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