So, I’m not one who usually takes part in the news. A few years ago, after I found no one in the media really speaking for me, in a political sense, I gave up on newspapers, television news, and radio talk shows. When I did want news, I would use Google news or something like that. Still, I’ve backed off my political addiction.

That being said, as I was at Eastern Michigan University, I took some time out to write a number of opinion pieces for their paper The Eastern Echo. I wrote a number of pieces from a very libertarian perspective (very live and let live, generally), and it was a fun exercise. I don’t think I’m cut out for hard journalism, but I can be counted on to share my opinions now and again.

Anyway, here are the articles. Note: They always changed my titles, and sometimes they changed it to things that I thought was unrepresentative of the piece. Also, they edited my pieces, so, sadly, they added some mistakes and such. Not that I’m not prone to mistakes myself.

1.) Smoking Ban Could Lead to Tyranny published on 1/31/10

This article was a comment on Michigan’s smoking ban. Though I am not a smoker, I question the state’s rights to tell a landowner what to do with his property as it concerns a lawful substance.

2.) Military Empire is not Necessary published on 2/7/10

Here I talk about how the Japanese protest our continued military presence on their land. I question our need to be there, and I challenge our modern neocon (Republican and Democrat) foreign policy.

3.) Same-Sex Marriage is a Religious Issue published on 2/10/10

So, here is an example where the title change led to a lot of anger and misunderstanding. My point in this article is to present a third way to solve this issue. I suggest the libertarian notion of not having the federal government define marriage. I suggest that it is up to the individual and their belief systems to determine.

4.) GOP Lines Splintering published on 2/17/10

Here I talk about the dissatisfaction within the parties and the likelihood that the current parties are simply splintering rather than the rise of a third party.

5.) Athlete gets Favoritism After Punch During Game published on 3/17/10

In this article, I talk about inconsistencies and sexism as it concerns the NCAA. It’s based around the Brittany Griner punch a few years ago.

6.) Professor Partisan Beliefs Shared too often in Class published on 3/7/12

Here I discuss the dangers of Professors using their teaching position to proselytize students for their political party. It’s a real and current problem, and it is one that I didn’t pay for with my tuition costs.

7.) Parking Ticket Prices seem to be Paying Bills published on 3/21/12

With this article, I criticize Eastern Michigan University’s sudden and predatory approach to parking tickets. They claimed to not raise their tuition rates and bragged about that fact, yet they made most every effort to cash in on parking fees.

8.) EMU Needs to Increase its Caffeine Competition published on 3/28/12

Basically, I rip on the fact that only Starbucks is on campus. I sing about the benefits of competition, but what I really wanted was the Ugly Mug coffee shop to have a place on campus. That way, I wouldn’t have to walk far.

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