Film Maker

I am a bit of a movie buff, though I must admit that movie-watching habits have waned in the past few years, and because of that I have enjoyed taking part in the making of movies. It’s a very interesting process for me, and I would like to continue to be involved with the production of small films, whether that be as a screenwriter, actor, director, or anything else.

Probably my first involvement in a film, that wasn’t done on my camcorder, was a project called “The Clay Pigeon.” A friend of mine was starting a film company, and he needed some short films as samples for his portfolio. In this project, he acted as cinematographer. I wrote the screenplay and directed. I was pretty young, so the writing is lame at points, and the acting has some horrible moments, but we have to cut them some slack. We did all this shooting in a single day. Still, it was fun to make, and I’d love to write and direct again.

Another project I was involved in was called “The Russian Story.” In it, I get to be an actor, playing my jerky self, alongside my friend and fellow Saganaut (writing group) buddy, Ian. He wrote and directed this piece for a capstone project for the graduate requirements of the creative writing program at Eastern Michigan University. In the film, Ian portrays what it is like to be in our writing group. He shows what a dick I can be, but I think he also made a clever and self-aware film. In the film, you can see me as I’m going through my mohawk phase.

Currently, my film-making resume isn’t great, but I’d like to expand upon it going forward.

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