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Public Reading at the Munch

Today marks my glorious return to the world of blogging. Are you not entertained? I update my fan(s) on what I’ve been doing, and have a recording of my most recent public reading to listen to … if you’re brave enough.

Adam Nannini Reading at the Munch

Ugh … he’s back. Hey, ladies and germs. Yes. It’s true. Rumors of my demise (wishful thinking) are greatly exaggerated. Still, I’m sorry I’ve been so vacant as it concerns my blog. I will work to improve my frequency.

Last you heard, I was about 23,000 words into my novel draft. I got up to about 40,000 words. I did not finish, but I am about to start over. I liked it, though. We’ll see where this goes.

I didn’t think you knew how to read. Anyway, below is a recording of my most recent public reading. It was as part of the Munch Reading Series, and I read a silly little piece called “Mr. Godzilla Goes to Washington.” It was just a piece I wrote in the midst of working on my thesis. I needed to do something silly, something fun. And this was it.

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Novel-Writing, 23,000 Words In

The process of novel-writing is a daunting one, and as I make headway through my first successful novel attempt (hopefully), I’d like to keep my fan(s) updated as to my progress and my thinking.

My guess? Both. Well, I’ve been writing pretty steady for a couple weeks, and I am near half of my 50,000 word goal this summer. The story is coming out quick and relatively easily, but as someone who thinks like a short-story writer, it’s difficult to know how it’ll all turn out. Thus far, it feels a little disconnected and strange since I let some plot strings dangle, waiting to be tied up later in the story (or to trip the main character along the way).

I’ve been having fun writing my main character, who is a rather disturbed man, and I have created a progression for him from just a little bit of a weirdo to much much worse. I don’t know if it’s believable, though. We shall see. His character’s progression has been exciting, though, so I’m happy about that.

When will your character progression begin? Yawn. One of the big things that is getting me that doesn’t typically get to me while I’m writing short stories is that it is a very rough draft. Now, typically, when I’m writing a story, I just get it out there, as referenced by this 2012 short movie in which I play myself.

But yeah, this time, I am nervous to have such a mess in so many pages. Scary stuff. I know this will take multiple draft and revisions, and this isn’t something to worry about now, but with long works, everything seems to get magnified. If I screw up a ten-page story, no big deal. But if I screw up a 200-page novel … eugh. Still, doesn’t do much good to dwell on it.

Are you done? Well, so that is my half-way update to my fan(s). The story still has a lot of momentum, and in fact, the momentum and action are building up. It’s a difficult story to control, but if I can pull it off, I think it’ll be an interesting one.

There. You are updated.

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Novel Writing, Day 1

Today, I annoy my “fan(s)” by explaining to them what is going on in my newest writing project, a novel. I keep them updated so that when it comes out and becomes famous, I can point at them and say, “Told you so!”

Very mature. So, a couple of weeks ago, I told you that I was getting ready to start a novel. I told you how I’ve struggled with this form in the past and how I’m nervous to start again.

But today, I started. I’m planning on writing 1500 words a day until it is drafted (I wrote 1600+ today), so we’ll see how that goes. The project is interesting because this is the first time I’ve written a novel infused with humor and absurdity (tools I’ve recently added to my stories). I think I have a pretty exciting and compelling premise, but I figure if it can’t sustain me writing it, I doubt readers will be riveted.

Yeah, alright Steinbeck. Writing has been a bit of an adventure for me of late. I’m enjoying it like I haven’t in years because I’ve given up on impressing people (not a writerly virtue, I think) and begun to focus on entertaining people. That isn’t to say that I have nothing to say, that I’m Michael Baying my writing (BOOBSPLOSIONS!), but that, at the end of the day, writers are here to entertain people. We’re here to create dreams, realities, escapes, and, perhaps most importantly, arguments through story.

Writing the novel fast comes from a mentor who suggested I get the draft out quick, so I am essentially nanowrimoing this bad boy. We often think of writers spending ten years or something on a novel, but perhaps most of that is in revising. I dunno. It’s interesting how each writer has a different approach that works for them, and I know, for me at least, writing with momentum is the way to go.

More like momen-dumb! The most interesting, and difficult, part of this project is the main character. He’s unlikable. He’s a killer. He’s disturbing. And I don’t particularly want to make him identifiable, which may be a mistake. We shall see. I’m hoping that tempering the story with humor and absurdity will make it more readable, but the entire premise is based on the fact that when something is horrible, people don’t look away. In fact, they rubberneck. They can’t help but look. It’s the voyeur in us. Maybe that premise is flawed. It remains to be seen.

Wrap it up, Tolstoy. Anyway, I plan on keeping all my fan(s) updated as to my progress. It’s quite an adventure.

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Types of Reading / Writing

I was talking to my wife the other night, and we were talking about how hard it was to find time to read.

“Yeah, I never do as much reading as I wish I did,” I said, motioning to my bookshelf. I was reading Google News at the time. “You know, I’ve only read about two-thirds of those books.”

“Oh, I know. All day, I’m grading student work, and I just don’t feel like I have time to read anymore,” my wife said as she sorted through a stack of coupons on her lap.

See … this is it. We read all the time. We read (news, funny articles, online comic strips, homework, online fiction, etc.) and write (texts, blogs, emails, homework, etc.) all of the time, yet we do not count those things. It’s a strange thing, but these forms seem invalid. I’m not sure why this is. I mean, I’m not suggesting it is the same as writing a novel or reading Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy (which one should never do, unless one enjoys awful books), but it is reading and writing. It isn’t as though I’m spending all day staring at a TV or playing video games.

Perhaps there is something to these forms. Maybe it’s the immediacy that makes them invalid. There’s something cheap about them. I mean, when I write a story, I’m still writing to an audience … but it seems distant, maybe dignified. I don’t know. Maybe I’m fooling myself.

My writing resolution for 2012 has thus far been rather unsuccessful, so I am starting fresh with a February resolution. Hopefully, this will work out better.

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