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My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Channels

I love Youtube. People love to get together and share their favorite videos, so I thought I’d expose some of my favorites on this blog, giving them some love.

Youtube? Seriously? So, Youtube has been around for a while. Duh. Well, it’s got a lot of fun little shows and channels, but here I’m going to focus on Youtube original content. In reality, I probably watch more Good Eats or Flying Circus on Youtube, but most people know about those (if you don’t … SHAME!) So, here are my top five favorites to follow and watch when I want to learn something or need a pick-me-up.

5. How It Should Have Ended, or HISHE
This show is a lot of fun, and it has a creative and unique animation style that I love. It takes movies and suggests in a humorous way how it should have ended (if that’s not clear enough by the title). Here’s a fun example:

4. Wheezy Waiter
This guy makes these hilarious, pseudo-teaching videos that involve him and a number of his clones (they often end up in the alligator pit). He’s capable of time travel, punching eagles, and going toe-to-toe with the sun. Check him out:

3. Screen Junkies, particularly Honest Trailers
Honest Trailers is a hilarious and honest take on movies. It points to the flaws, the weaknesses, the absurdity of many modern movies, and it does so through the voice of a hilarious movie narrator. Here’s an example:

2. Crash Course
John Green is an excellent and funny Youtuber, and he’s on a number of channels including Mental Floss. He’s funny, and Crash Course is made up of twelve-minute videos that are educational, well-balanced, and fun. Here is a good example:

1. Glove & Boots
Glove & Boots is, to me, the funniest Youtube channel I’ve come across. It’s fun, it’s clever, it’s smart, and it’s puppets. This is one of my favorite videos. It makes fun of hipsters, one of my favorite topics of mockery (they’re so easy):

Well, thanks for helping me waste more time. Well, that’s my list. I hope you liked it. I’m curious what my readers favorite Youtube Original Channels are. Share them in the comments below.

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