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House of Cards Season 2

There isn’t a lot I love on TV. Most TV shows (particularly TV dramas {I’m looking your way, CBS}) seem to be churning out stale, badly-written shows with stock characters. But there is hope ….

More like Frank Underwear! So, yes, my favorite TV show right now … well, it’s not on TV. It’s the Netflix original show that, unless you’ve been hibernating, you’re surely aware of. But are you watching it? If not, let me correct you.

House of Cards is the best written show I have seen (granted, I do not have an HBO subscription) since my favorite show, Homicide: Life on the Streets. The characters in House of Cards are rich, complex, deeply flawed, and almost unbearably human. In my humble opinion, this show represents Kevin Spacey’s best work, by far, but he, to me, isn’t even the most shining character on the show! Robin Wright, playing Claire, wife of Spacey’s Frank Underwood, is outstanding. She’s ruthless, powerful, sociopathic, and yet, somehow, I love her (you may remember Robin Wright from this).

You’re in love with Robin Wright?! Maybe, antagonist, maybe. Could you blame me? Anyway, the show came out last year with all of the episodes available immediately. It’s a very interesting approach Netflix has. I had some time on my hands, so I watched the first one on a lark. Within a couple of days, I’d watched all of the first season. It was addictive, encapsulating, horrifying, and magnetic. As far as I am concerned, we American TV viewers have not been treated to such a Shakespearean drama, filled with treason, murder, hubris, passion, and ambition in a very long time.

I will say that this show is not for everyone. It’s very dark, and it deals with adult stuff, so if you’re easily offended or if you’re thinking of having your kids watch this … well, I’m not their parent. Still, the best conflicts we see are not easy to stomach. The best characters are not so easily good. It’s when we’re challenged that we find the intrigue. It’s not to be shocked for being shocked’s sake, but it’s about trying to reconcile the fact that we’re drawn to such abject humanity … maybe it’s just humanity, for connecting with that does feel rather human.

I’ll watch it if you’ll shut up. So, don’t start at season 2. Do not start on episode three. This is the sort of show you’ll need to watch from the beginning. If you’ve seen season 1, don’t despair. It stays amazing. It’s all available now on Netflix, so go watch. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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