About Me

Adam Nannini - About Me

Hi. I’m Adam.

I am a writer, a musician, a web designer, a publisher, a philosopher, a theologian, a cheese aficionado, and the last best hope for my generation.

I am a graduate from Eastern Michigan University. I am an English major, double-minoring in History and Creative Writing. Though Creative Writing is my passion, I chose English as my major and History as my minor because they are teachable, should I choose to pursue an education degree down the line.

I am currently pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing (fiction) at Georgia College. Graduate school has been good for me, and though the work is tough and rigorous, I am learning a great deal and growing.

I write fiction. I’m inspired by a number of writers and their outstanding qualities: Orwell, Steinbeck, O’Connor, Bradbury, Garcia Marquez, Foer, Saunders, Murakami, and more. Mainly what I have done thus far is short stories. I like to work on realism and magical realism, but I do occasionally stray into science fiction and dystopian pieces. I’m working on putting together a novel at the moment … we’ll see how that goes.

At the end of the day, my goal is to write and publish fiction and to teach writing, of some form, at the college level. I want to stay in the conversation, and I want to take part in shaping that conversation.

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