Novel-Writing, 23,000 Words In

The process of novel-writing is a daunting one, and as I make headway through my first successful novel attempt (hopefully), I’d like to keep my fan(s) updated as to my progress and my thinking.

My guess? Both. Well, I’ve been writing pretty steady for a couple weeks, and I am near half of my 50,000 word goal this summer. The story is coming out quick and relatively easily, but as someone who thinks like a short-story writer, it’s difficult to know how it’ll all turn out. Thus far, it feels a little disconnected and strange since I let some plot strings dangle, waiting to be tied up later in the story (or to trip the main character along the way).

I’ve been having fun writing my main character, who is a rather disturbed man, and I have created a progression for him from just a little bit of a weirdo to much much worse. I don’t know if it’s believable, though. We shall see. His character’s progression has been exciting, though, so I’m happy about that.

When will your character progression begin? Yawn. One of the big things that is getting me that doesn’t typically get to me while I’m writing short stories is that it is a very rough draft. Now, typically, when I’m writing a story, I just get it out there, as referenced by this 2012 short movie in which I play myself.

But yeah, this time, I am nervous to have such a mess in so many pages. Scary stuff. I know this will take multiple draft and revisions, and this isn’t something to worry about now, but with long works, everything seems to get magnified. If I screw up a ten-page story, no big deal. But if I screw up a 200-page novel … eugh. Still, doesn’t do much good to dwell on it.

Are you done? Well, so that is my half-way update to my fan(s). The story still has a lot of momentum, and in fact, the momentum and action are building up. It’s a difficult story to control, but if I can pull it off, I think it’ll be an interesting one.

There. You are updated.

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