My Current Writing Project: A Novel

This summer, I am planning to undertake a rather difficult venture … writing a novel. I’ve got a plan for it (loosely), and I’ll be sure to keep my reader(s) apprised of its progress.

Wait, you’re still here? Yes, antagonistic self, I am still here, though I recognize that it has been a while since I’ve posted anything. Did you miss me?


Fair enough.

So, I have tried on a number of occasions (mainly in Novembers {nanowrimo!}) to write a novel, but I have always failed. Short stories are easy for me to churn out, but there’s something about the novel form that always confounds me.

I think it has to do with the idea of the sustained conflict. Typically, in short stories, I get to conflict quick, and I try my best to be fast-paced and concise. When I have tried to write novels, I typically start fast, but I run out of steam somewhere between 50 and 100 pages. By then, it’s just an exercise of “and then this happened, and then this happened ….”

Is that clip art? This time, I mean to succeed, and I think I may. I will have more guidance with this project, and I won’t be pushing myself with arbitrary deadlines like nanowrimo prescribes. Still, I will be pushing myself.

My goal with this novel is to create a work that is accessible to your Joe Sixpack type of person, and yet, have it be interesting to a more advanced reader (AWP types can go suck an egg {I didn’t mean that AWP types, it’s just that I think so much of your preferred nose-in-the-air work is … terrible … no offense}).

Yawn. Anyway, so I’ll try to keep all of you, my reader(s), updated as to how the project is going. It should be fun and difficult.

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  1. dustinjunkertlives says:

    D-lit. Raise the roof

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