Writing Prompt: Word List Story

So, recently, I was assigned a writing prompt where I had to quick make a list of ten words (starting with “effervescence”) that had some sort of sound association down the line. Then, I had a few minutes to write a paragraph with a couple of the words. Here is what I came up with.

The Words: Effervescence, luminescence, longitudinals, spectacles, testacles, festivals, faithful, mouthful, mournful, scornful

The drink had such a scornful effervescence, the biting drug, the wild dog, it mocked his pain. “Why do you do this to me?” he asked. The drink did not respond, but turned slightly away, a hand planted firmly on its hip. “Don’t be that way, baby,” he said, but when he reached out, closed his eyes, and extended his lips, the drink inched away from him. “Fine. Fine,” he said. “I’ll just order another drink. What’ll you think of that!” he shouted, trying to get a rise out of the bubbly beverage. But the drink didn’t seem to mind. He slumped his face down on the bar, cupped his hand around his mouth and whispered, “I’m just fooling with you, baby. You know I’m crazy about you. Always have been.” He knew it was over when the bubbles stopped. It didn’t bubble for him anymore.

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