My Site Is Now Mobile-Ready

So, I have been lax about making my site responsive to various screen sizes, but yesterday, I decided to fix that. We’ll see if it works out.

The iPhone is better. Well, I have been a bad web designer, in that, I have not made my site very nice for phones or tablets. I spent some time yesterday trying to remedy this issue, and I think I did. It’s nice to go to a site that is very readable with a phone.

It’s tricky business, though, what with all of the various phone and tablet sizes. I mean, I use an LG Optimus G (because Android phones are better), and its screen size is only a few pixels smaller than a jumbotron (JUMBOTRON VS. MEGABUS! KIDS SEATS ARE JUST TEN BUCKS!). It’s tough to make the size optimal for all of the various screen sizes, though I think I’ve done it with a fluid enough approach that it’ll work.

You’re really scratching the bottom of the barrel this time. So, I have an assignment for my loyal reader(s). I’ve done testing on the devices I have, but I was wondering if you all would test my site on your electronics (phone and tablet and jumbotron) and let me know if it is working well. There will be different functionality with each size. For example, on the smallest screen size, the top menu will disappear, and it’ll just be the blog.

You’re asking for favors now? Anyway, I know this is a bit of an imposition, but I want to make my site a good experience for my readers, so any feedback you could give in the comments would be welcome. Thanks.

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2 Responses to My Site Is Now Mobile-Ready

  1. President of "Bass Players With Helmets Society" says:

    tested your site on my HTC Incredible 2 that is like 3-4 years old, on an outdated gingerbread OS, and it worked fine.

  2. President of "Bass Players With Helmets Society" says:

    Not sure how it looks on other devices, but I am only able to view the blog pages. Maybe coding it so the nav bar turns into a drop down at a certain size? I’ve seen that on other themes and it seems to work well. Unless of course you don’t want other people to see those pages ;-)

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