The Weight

Here is a new poem I’ve written. It’s a little weird (since I don’t really write poetry), but it’s been fun to try. Anyway, here you go.

I feel a weight between my legs
pulling at my back and thighs like sumo squats.
It’s heavy with the weight of my father,
and his father, and his father, and his father,
and every father.

I feel it as you wait for me to lean in.
I feel it as I try to sweep away the near-invisible
strings from your body with my scissor-fingers.
I feel it as sex billows from your body
like dry ice, your face frozen in place.

With every crinkled lip, eyebrow raise,
shooed hand, thirstless look, whisper,
shift, silence, smirk,
The weight grows, my back and head bows,
and even my eyes
are pulled low to your feet.

What lovely shoes you have.

I wrap my arms around your feet
and kiss the scuffed brown leather
and gently loosen the yellow-striped strings
and lick the slack tongue.

About Adam Nannini

The greatest writer of his generation ... which isn't saying much.
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