“A Simple Slip”

I’m not much of a poet. We should all know that by now, but I have written some poetry over the years, and I have decided to put it up here. It’s something I’d like to get back into. It does no good to simply dismiss something. Anyway, below is a poem I wrote.

I misremembered, yes
a trembled memory, my member,
the street lender, the missing sender
the tender feeling I misremember
The girl, she taught, she rendered me
asunder, her fender so round
I can’t help but remember
her end, the end, I misremember
And if you send prying eyes
my faith will wander, wake
die for memory’s sake, tender
my resignation, sweet pretender
Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles
act the truest memory, the sweet
trend, love bends, mends, sends
over the distance, misremembering the rest.

About Adam Nannini

The greatest writer of his generation ... which isn't saying much.
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